MONSTA X surprise their fans at the 2017 ISAC

MONSTA X‘s fans were surprised by the group as they hand-delivered gifts to their fans and shared an experience of a lifetime with them!

During the 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships, members of MONSTA X decided to deliver food to their beloved fans, Monbebes. While on their break, the boys surprised their fans with a special lunch along with some drinks!

MONSTA X members on their way to deliver lunch to Monbebes!

Delivery successful, time to rest.

There were 3 options fans could choose from: a subway sandwich, a vegetable plate, and a meat plate. The meal also came with soda or an adorable Pokemon drink.

The food even had custom labels made specially for the event for their fans to enjoy. Fans have been constantly sharing the photos of the lunches they received, showing off how truly loving Monsta X members are.

Check out some pictures from fans down below!

A impressive lunch for Monbebes // Source: @Fanatic_0126

the 2nd option fans could choose from is a beef plate! // Source: @ALLOFME_SHOWNU

Fans were also given Subway sandwiches! // Source: @Fanatic_0126

Fans were even given cute Pokemon drinks! // Source: @Fanatic_0126

They passed out soda too! MONSTA X is so giving to their fans // Source: @ALLOFME_SHOWNU