MONSTA X Thinks These Are Their Sexiest Body Parts, And Fans Agree

They know themselves best.

In a recently uploaded Ask Anything Chat MONSTA X revealed what they think their sexiest body parts are.

MONSTA X | Monsta X The Dreaming

Known for their intense music and incredible physiques, there’s no limit to the amount of sexiness the group radiates.

In true I.M fashion, the youngest of the group decided that the sexiest part of his body is his brain. Fans know that he is super intelligent, so this choice makes perfect sense.

I.M | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

Of course, Joohoney believes that the sexiest part of him is his dimples! They show when he is barely smiling, and even sometimes when he’s not. Fans can’t get enough.

Joohoney | @joohoneywalker/Instagram

Kihyun has been testing MONBEBEs sanity lately with the concept photos for his upcoming solo debut. It’s obvious that he is very confident, so it’s no surprise that he chose his chest!

Kihyun | @yookihhh/Instagram

Minhyuk thinks that his sexiest body part is his neck. Though fans wholeheartedly agree, Joohoney believes that Minhyuk’s front teeth are actually the sexiest part of his body. Why not both?

Minhyuk | @OfficialMonstaX/Instagram

Finally, Hyungwon is proud of the back of his shoulders. Considering how much effort he puts into working out these days, it’s understandable that he would think that this specific body part is his sexiest.

Hyungwon | @coenffl/Instagram

Fans don’t disagree too much, however most fans believe that the group is sexy all around, not just for these particular things.

What would you choose?

Source: YouTube