MONSTA X Want To Release A Song In Spanish… This Is Why

This is what’s important to them.

In a new interview with Remezcla, MONSTA X revealed whether they’d ever consider singing an entire song in Spanish. In addition, they explained what’s really important to them.

(left to right) MONSTA X’s Hyungwon, Kihyun, Minhyuk, Joohoney, Shownu, and I.M | @official_monsta_x/Instagram

MONSTA X have released two English albums to date, ALL ABOUT LUV and The Dreaming, and have said that they did this with international fans in mind. The goal? To communicate with more people.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

ALL ABOUT LUV included the song “BESIDE U,” a collaboration with Pitbull. When asked about the track, Kihyun says that it was fascinating.

It was really fascinating because, at his peak, Pitbull was everywhere and had so many hit tracks. And even in Korea, he was pretty big.

— Kihyun

Another Latine collaboration MONSTA X did was with Sebastián Yatra, a Columbian singer. When asked about the collab, I.M says that the company set it up, and they didn’t initially know who he was. They researched him and realized, “Oh sh*t. He’s so good, we wanna do this with him.” 

So what’s next for the group? Previously, MONSTA X showed off their Spanish skills on the YouTube channel hello82, where they sung their own songs in Spanish. It resulted in a hilarious video for fans, however the group’s pronunciation wasn’t half bad.

MONSTA X found the experience fun, since they could recognize some of the words after being exposed to the Spanish language. Joohoney feels it’s about more than the entertainment value.

The most important thing, though, is that, even though it’s entertaining and funny for people to watch, we really enjoy and have fun learning languages and trying new things, so I think that relays and comes across really well.

— Joohoney

It’s why MONSTA X continue to release songs in English. It’s also why they would like to try to release a Spanish song as well. Kihyun says, “If we have a chance, we’d love to do it.” 

Well, they have some Spanish down at least.

However, for MONSTA X, language isn’t the most important thing. Joohoney feels that communication is key, regardless of language.

I think that the reason why K-Pop got so big is that the artists are really good at communicating and engaging with their fanbase. Of course, the music is important, but that engagement and interaction are what make it even better.

— Joohoney

Source: Remezcla and hello82