Whatever Type Of Male Physique You Like, There Is A MONSTA X Member For It

Now serving the full spectrum of male physiques.

MONSTA X members have some amazing talents and visuals, K-Pop fans know. They’re beloved worldwide not only for their music, but also their looks — which includes their physiques.


In fact, Monbebes realized that MONSTA X serve the full spectrum of male physiques, from slender to super buff, making it easy for fans to choose their biases depending on their personal preferences!


Hyungwon has what is considered a slender form. He is on the lean side, and is often called “skinny”, but he is more so a healthy-skinny than a dangerously-skinny. Fans who prefer leaner physiques find Hyungwon’s tall-and-slim style super sexy!


Joohoney, on the other hand, has what could be called a male standard physique. Fans who prefer the not-too-skinny, not-too-buff average-build (for the lack of a better word) find Joohoney’s perfectly-proportioned physique as the most attractive.


Monbebes who prefer the slightly more muscular style love Shownu‘s body. Shownu, by leading an active lifestyle and working out often, keeps his body on the bulked side. Fans find his wide-set shoulders to be a total stud material!


Then there is Wonho. He is possibly one of the most muscular K-Pop idols in the industry. Monbebes who prefer the Captain America-level physique definitely love Wonho for being a gorgeously gigantic man!


From slim to muscly, MONSTA X are surely out there captivating K-Pop fans’ eyes and hearts!

Source: THEQOO