MONSTA X’s Wonho Just Stunned Fans by Showing up at the Airport Wearing Boxer Shorts

Another bold outfit choice by “fashionista Wonho”.

MONSTA X was recently spotted at Incheon International Airport leaving for England where Wonho drew particular attention with his bold airport fashion choice.

On this day, Wonho sported a white t-shirt and a checkered shirt on top which seems pretty standard for the popular boyfriend look that many idols flaunt at the airport.

But what made fans rub their eyes was the boxer shorts that he was wearing underneath.

What was even more surprising was that the boxer shorts that Wonho was wearing are actually swim shorts by the famous designer brand, Vetements.

Wonho must have known how good he looked in the bold outfit because he took some photos of his own and posted it on social media soon afterward.

It’s hard to deny that only a true fashionista can make such a unique outfit look so right.

Source: Insight