MONSTA X’s Wonho Gets Called An “Ahjussi”, Here’s His Hilarious Reaction

He didn’t hold back.

While in Las Vegas to perform at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, MONSTA X invited Monbebes to hang out with them on Twitter, as they tweeted, “Who wants to chat?”


Countless fans showed up for their chance to interact with the group and left creative comments in hope of getting noticed by the members — and one definitely caught Wonho‘s attention.


The tweet read, “Why are you ahjussi-s (older men) speaking in English these days??”


To that, Wonho — playfully butthurt — replied, asking the account to clarify what he/she meant. Wonho even tagged his own name to make sure the fan knows the message was coming from him.

[#Wonho] What Ahjussi-s? Who is an ahjussi here? -_-

— Wonho


Moments later, the original poster replied in shock. As soon as Wonho replied to the tweet, other Monbebes began commenting on the thread too — inevitably blowing up the account’s timeline.

Wow, f*ck. That blew up my Twitter in like 3 seconds.

— Original Poster


And Wonho returned to leave a second comment for this specific thread. He called the Monbebe out for cursing too, after calling him an old man…

[#wonho] Whoa, that language!

— Wonho


Monbebes are now cracking up at this cute little interaction — especially at Wonho’s adorable reaction to the fan’s shocked tweets.


So remember, next time you find yourself calling anyone an ahjussi or even blurting out a curse word — know that Wonho would probably disapprove!