MONSTA X Wonho Can’t Imagine Life Without MONSTA X And Neither Can We

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Once, during his closing speech at a concert, MONSTA X‘s Wonho shared his innermost thoughts about the team, their futures, and the possibility of members parting ways and saying goodbye.


He got emotional and made himself, his teammates, and his fans all ugly-cry at the thought of MONSTA X coming to an end; and Monbebes will forever and always remember this moment.


Wonho commented that he and Shownu once discussed the far future. They naturally wondered what they would be doing further down the line, had they never debuted as MONSTA X and ended up the global superstars they are.

The other day, Shownu and I were on a walk when we started talking about us… I asked him what he thought we’d be doing in the future.

— Wonho


Wonho then pointed out that even thinking about it broke his heart. He couldn’t possibly imagine his life without being a part of MONSTA X and having his loyal Monbebes in it. Wonho began crying as he tried to deliver his message…

We thought about what we’d be doing if we end up not being MONSTA X… and I figured I’d probably be writing songs and Shownu didn’t really know. But the thought of that, not being MONSTA X and not performing in front of the fans… That really broke my heart. It was painful to even imagine.

— Wonho


… and it made Monbebes melt with love. He also shared that his time as MONSTA X has been the happiest days of his life and that he does not wish for anything else but for the team to stay together. Monbebes couldn’t agree more with that wish!

I guess… I do get sentimental sometimes. Maybe I’m always kind of nervous… But I ask my teammates all the time, when we’re on the go. I ask them if all of us are in for renewing our contracts at the end of the 7 years. And they always tell me yes, so I believe we aren’t ever going to change.

— Wonho


Wonho promised his fans that the group will continue to try their best to stay together and perform as long as they can. Monbebes in return promised to always be there to support the members’ endeavors. Wonho couldn’t hold back his tears at this emotional exchange of affectionate words…

We won’t go anywhere. so we hope you stay with us too. We want all of this to become good memories for you.

— Wonho


… and that’s when Monbebes realized once again their love is real, forever and always.

Watch Wonho’s teary-eyed message to the fans here: