Here’s Why MONSTA X’s Wonho Thinks They Became So Big Outside Korea

And he is absolutely correct.

While continuing on their tour in Indonesia, MONSTA X sat down with OSEN to do an interview. In this interview, members shared their thoughts on what fueled their success around the world and their transformation into a globally beloved group.


To highlight the fact that MONSTA X’s popularity in and outside Korea has been thriving, the interviewer asked, “What makes MONSTA X so popular overseas?”


At first, the members hesitated to answer – but Wonho knew exactly how to handle this question! He immediately came to the rescue and told the truth – and only the truth.

Well, first and foremost, we’re good-looking.

— Wonho


Minhyuk pointed out that this is what Wonho says whenever the group is asked about the reason behind their popularity. Wonho continued listing their assets, playfully but correctly.

We’re handsome. We have amazing bodies. We can sing. We can dance. We can rap. We dress nicely. What more reasons would you need?

— Wonho


Minhyuk added that the fans may also appreciate the fact that MONSTA X will always try to be open and communicative, via live broadcasts and on social media platforms. But…


… Monbebes are strangely more convinced by Wonho’s straight-forward response. Fans can’t help but nod in 200% agreement with Wonho’s cheeky “reasons” for the group’s success!


After all, they are handsome men, with good bodies and fashion styles, who can sing, dance, and rap. What more do we need?