MONSTA X Wonho’s Skin Is So Flawless Their Makeup Artist Can’t Stop Praising It

His skin is a makeup artist’s dream.

MONSTA X‘s makeup artist Sup Ju shared some interesting details with Allure about the process of doing the group’s makeup.


And, there was one member’s skin she couldn’t stop talking about: Wonho‘s.

When asked which member had the most dramatic before and after transformation, she chose Wonho because his skin tone is really bright and versatile.

Because of that, any color is able to match his skin tone well. So, it’s extremely satisfying for her to create looks on him since his face is essentially a blank canvas.

Even when it comes to creating his base, she doesn’t need to use foundation because a light BB cream suits his skin best. And, it’s perfect for creating her best looks like the scar through his eyebrow for “Alligator”.

Listen to Sup Ju talk about her favorite canvas Wonho and the rest of the group’s iconic makeup here.