MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Can Make The Same Emotion Work For Any Situation

His acting skills are honestly on point.

MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon is talented in many ways, but there seems to be one category that he’s able to have the most fun with.


And, he was able to show that through acting out emotions with Glamour.

The first emotion they were given to take on was flirty. In his mind, Hyungwon interpreted it to mean screaming, “Ah,” while smiling.

For surprised, I.M said it like he was surprising someone for their birthday. But, Hyungwon took a different approach by screaming like he did before, this time without a smile.

For shy, Hyungwon said, “Ah,” in a softer voice while placing his hands on his face. And, Shownu showed his version of an embarrassed smile while making himself smaller.

Minhyuk made everyone laugh with his hyper reaction for excited, and so did Hyungwon. He screamed but threw his hands into the air with the biggest smile on his face to show just how excited he could be.

Hyungwon isn’t the most expressive member of the group, but his emotions come through when he’s acting. And, they’re not all the same as they appear. Watch Hyungwon show how minor changes can make a difference here.