MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Couldn’t Snap The Perfect Photo Because Of This Relatable Interruption

It’s happened to everyone at least once.

MONSTA X came back together as a group after splitting into two for the day and they talked about their experience of being on Jeju Island.


While Minhyuk was talking, Hyungwon noticed the sunset behind him, making everyone turn and look at the beautiful sight.

Like any normal person, Hyungwon wanted to capture the moment. He whipped out his phone and held it at the right angle for the perfect shot. Just when he was about to snap the photo, he was interrupted by a phone call.

He quickly accepted the call and instantly said, “Ah, Dad. I’ll call you back.” Kihyun was just as surprised by the interruption and laughed. Hyungwon did get to snap the perfect photo afterward.

Most people have experienced a moment where an ill-timed phone call has stopped them from taking the perfect photo or video. Instead of getting irritated though, Hyungwon handled it with grace.

He may not have snapped the photo when he wanted, but he certainly took one just as good. Watch Hyungwon’s funny moment here.