MONSTA X’s Hyungwon And Minhyuk Tried To Break I.M’s Back

I.M even gave them a warning.

MONSTA X tried a few things they’d never done before with Allure. One of those things was the limbo.


And, they had a little too much fun with the maknae I.M. Before he started his second turn, he noticed Hyungwon kept lowering the bar. So, he pointed it out in warning.

But, that didn’t stop Hyungwon and Minhyuk from lowering the bar as soon as I.M moved beneath it. And, they’d lowered it so much that I.M eventually let out a shout because he couldn’t go any lower.

Shownu and Joohoney couldn’t bare to hear I.M’s shouts of pain, so the former supported his back while the latter made sure his chest stayed below the bar. But, it was still too much for I.M who fell backward.

Before I.M could fully stand up, Minhyuk was the fastest one to stick out his hand and say, “Fail.”

No one has as much playing around with each other as MONSTA X does. Watch I.M deal with his playful members here.