MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Is Now A Part Of The Rapper Line, Hear Him Roar

He got this.

In a recent interview with Hidden Track No. V‘s live broadcast channel, MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon recommended their track “Mohae” to be the perfect song to listen to while on a flight.


Then he pointed out this particular song is his absolute favorite out of all MONSTA X songs…


… mainly because of the sick flow by the rap line, Joohoney and I.M!


Hyungwon asked I.M. to let everyone hear a bit of it…


… but Minhyuk had a different idea. He passed the microphone back to Hyungwon…


… who didn’t hesitate a second before taking it back into his possession!


And boy, did Hyungwon spit out that verse rhyme by rhyme like it has always been his part!


And that, dearest Monbebe friends, is how Hyungwon the Rapper was born.

Watch the full clip here:


And listen to Hyungwon’s rapper debut song here: