MONSTA X’s I.M Hugged This Lucky Fan And Everyone Is Totally Jealous

Who wouldn’t want a hug from this sweet guy?

During an episode of Mnet‘s UHSN, the cast were able to meet MONSTA X and one of them experienced something memorable.

As soon as she saw MONSTA X, Oline began to cry out of happiness because she was meeting her favorite group right before her eyes.

MONSTA X mentioned how they were told one of the cast members was a huge fan, so I.M asked who it was.

Once Oline confirmed it, I.M held out his arms to give the fan a warm hug.

I.M was so sweet to the fan that it’s making fans love him even more.

MONSTA X truly appreciates their fans, especially I.M.

Watch the special moment for this Monbebe here.