MONSTA X’s I.M Unexpectedly Revealed His Abs And No One Was Ready

Who knew he was hiding these?

During an interview with MBC, MONSTA X played a game where they passed around a toy alligator. Whoever got bitten by the alligator had to reveal their abs.


I.M was the first to fall victim to the alligator.

Before doing the penalty, Hyungwon made sure he was ready.

Then, I.M revealed his abs.

Kihyun was the second victim of the alligator. But he didn’t have any abs to show, and the members quickly told him to pull his shirt back down.

As the maknae of MONSTA X, I.M has rarely showed his abs. So, it comes as a major surprise that he has any and even revealed them.

To watch the full game and ab reveals, see the clip below.