MONSTA X’s Jooheon Can’t Wear Contacts Without 3 People Helping Him

Jooheon debilitating fear of contact lenses makes performing on stage without glasses a real challenge, but he managed to get them in for MONSTA X‘s comeback… With the help of 3 people.

MONSTA X guest starred on a recent broadcast of the KBS Cool FM comedy/talk show Kiss the Radio, where they touched on the topic of Jooheon’s well-known fear of contacts. On the show, Lee Hong Ki (the host) read out a fan comment asking whether Jooheon is scared of contact lenses because his eyes are small or because he can’t put them in. Jooheon agreed with both of the fan’s options, saying,

“Actually, both of them are true. It’s uncomfortable [putting them in] so I usually wear glasses.”

— MONSTA X Jooheon

Yet, Jooheon was determined to be able to wear contacts for the group’s comeback, and so spent time trying to put them on. It wasn’t an easy process, however, and he shared a story of just how much he struggled with contacts lenses.

“I wanted to challenge myself and wear contacts this time. I told our stylist that our title song is called ‘Beautiful’, but it took 3 people 30 minutes of struggling to put the blue contact lenses in my eye. I was scared during it, tears kept coming out.”

— MONSTA X Jooheon

Source: Herald Pop