MONSTA X’s Joohoney Couldn’t Help But Blush From This Produce X 101 Trainee’s Admiration

He felt his dongsaeng’s love.

MONSTA X‘s Joohoney guested on Produce X 101 as a mentor to the trainees to oversee their progress covering “Dramarama”. That’s when he encountered an admirer.


Joohoney noticed that KRAZY Entertainment‘s Kim Kwanwoo was the one who had requested a MONSTA X song, so he asked him which member was his favorite.

Kwanwoo didn’t need any time to think of an answer. He responded respectfully with “Jooheon hyung-nim.”

It had even been revealed that he’d immediately claimed Joohoney’s rap part for himself when the trainees were deciding how to designate parts for “Dramarama”.

After watching the trainees practice the song, Joohoney couldn’t hide his blushing face and clapped in appreciation. Kwanwoo’s enthusiasm for MONSTA X was so clear from his energetic performance that Joohoney was touched.

Watch the cute interaction here.