MONSTA X’s Joohoney Hurt By Fan’s Negative Comment On His Dancing Skills

He tried his best to keep a smile on his face.

MONSTA X‘s Joohoney was holding a live broadcast when he was taken by surprise with a fan’s negative comment.

A fan stated that he should focus on practicing his dancing rather than exercising. After reading it, he leaned back and questioned it, as if he couldn’t believe what he’d just read.

Joohoney responded that he’d been doing his best at practice, and despite that, now he’s been reprimanded by this fan.

He kept his humble attitude though and bowed twice, saying that he would do his best at practicing.

Afterward, he tried to explain that “thereโ€™s no limit to skills in music” but ended with saying, “I’m upset.” Sometimes people fail to understand that idols are people too, and they should be treated with respect like anyone else. But, fans were quick to stand by his side.