MONSTA X’s Joohoney Teaching SEVENTEEN’s “Clap” Will Make You Avoid His Bad Side

After all, he has to protect his MonTeen friendship.

MONSTA X‘s Joohoney guested on Produce X 101 and he checked in on all of the teams of trainees who were preparing their cover stages.


But, it was the team covering SEVENTEEN‘s “Clap” that required a bit more of his attention.

A trainee was having an issue saying S. Coups‘ opening line “Baksu” with the right amount of power. So, Joohoney demonstrated how it was supposed to sound along with a perfectly timed clap.

It was so impactful that the trainees had looked at each other in shock.

Joohoney even demonstrated it two more times with the original trainee to make sure he understood how to do it correctly. But, the trainee just couldn’t seem to pick it up and Joohoney was left speechless with frustration.

MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN have been close friends since their debuts, so Joohoney knows exactly how “Clap” should be performed and won’t accept anything less. His intensity does make the situation seem just a bit hilarious though.