MONSTA X’s Kihyun Just Took Over Twitter And He Has The Funniest Replies To Fans

“I can be your boyfriend, not your best friend.”

MONSTA X’s Kihyun just took over the group’s official Twitter account and started answering fan messages!

He announced his game out of the blue.

Hi Monbebe~~ It’s Kihyun. Let’s chat today!

Fans went wild when he proved that he’s the ultimate boyfriend.

He was willing to do even the weirder requests from Monbebes.

He also assured them that he’s doing well.

Fans hilariously admitted to letting go of control all for him.

Other Monbebes joked about how they did their best but was still not replied to by Kihyun.

It’s nothing out of the ordinary though, they said.

Here’s to hoping that Kihyun will do another take-over of MONSTA X’s Twitter!