MONSTA X’s Kihyun Is The Real MVP For Trying To Reveal Everyone’s Abs

He knows what Monbebes want.

During a performance of MONSTA X‘s “By My Side”, Kihyun could be seeing doing something interesting.


Wonho had taken his shirt off, so Kihyun decided he would have other members join him.

His first target was I.M, who had taken too long to stop him from pulling his shirt up.

Then, Kihyun pretended to lift his own shirt up but he didn’t reveal anything.

And, his final target was Hyungwon, who stopped him from revealing what he’d wanted.

Although there was a glimpse of I.M’s abs and none of Hyungwon’s, Kihyun revealed one thing: which members have abs. He knew the information was exactly what Monbebe wanted to know.