MONSTA X’s Kihyun Was Spotted Doing This To Make Sure His Members Were Safe

He went into “mom” mode quick.

MONSTA X has been holding concerts around the world for their We Are Here tour, making many unforgettable memories with fans.

At one of those concerts, Kihyun was spotted doing something that completely fit his personality.

While the rest of the group were standing on stage talking to the audience, Kihyun was seen kneeling on the floor holding a towel in his hand.

Known as the “mom” of the group, he had been cleaning confetti from the area where they were standing so none of the members would slip on the smooth material.

Afterward, he could be seen breathing heavily because on top of cleaning, they may have finished performing right before. But, Kihyun’s top priority was making sure all the members wouldn’t get hurt.