MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Says Shownu “Leaves Monbebes Shook”, Whatever That Means

“It’s a compliment!”

During the positivity-filled “Compliment Battle” video for Teen Vogue’s YouTube channel, MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk provided Shownu with some words of affirmation – even though they were in English and he actively had no idea what they meant.


Minhyuk was ready to hype up Shownu for all the awesomeness he is…

The hype Shownu deserves!

— Minhyuk


… but was also troubled by a slight language barrier. Minhyuk had a bit of struggle with reading and understanding some of the words like “slaying” and “shook”.

Look at him slaying, leaving everyone shooooook.

— Minhyuk


Shownu was also unable to grasp exactly what the compliment meant and had to confirm with Minhyuk…

What’s that mean?

— Shownu


… who also had no idea, but was certain that it meant something positive. Look how clueless Minhyuk looks as to what he just told Shownu – yet how confident he was to tell Shownu that it’s a compliment!

I don’t know?! It’s a compliment, yeah.

— Minhyuk


Fellow MONSTA X members and Monbebes cracked up at Minhyuk’s worry-free reaction to what he had just read for Shownu.


One thing is for sure though – Minhyuk was absolutely correct when he said Shownu slays and leaves everyone shook!


Watch the full clip below: