MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Shows That This Hairstyle Is Not Just For Girls

At the KBS Gayo DaejunMinhyuk stepped outside conventional fashion rules and sported a trendy women’s updo with confidence.

One hairstyle that recently became popular among K-Pop girl groups was the cute double bun. Minhyuk may have taken notice as he wore the look on stage alongside GOT7‘s Bambam, BTOB‘s Minhyuk and BAP‘s Youngjae. His hair isn’t quite long enough but with the help of a headband he pulled off a perfect imitation as they performed a cover of miss A‘s “Bad Girl, Good Girl.”

Take a closer look at Minhyuk’s buns as he dances.

It suits him surprisingly well! Minhyuk also shared some selcas taken backstage.

His cute pouty face, combined with his choker and double buns make a perfect outfit.
Who can resist his cuteness when paired with those buns?
Even with his serious face, he looks adorable.

Enjoy the sexy moves and sweet voices in the full performance here:

Source: Instiz