MONSTA X’s New TWOTUCKGOM Character Teasers Are Too Cute To Handle

This is the MONSTA X content you didn’t know you needed.

Speculation surrounding new character brand TWOTUCKGOM and their connection to MONSTA X has been circling around the web for weeks, but finally on June 24 the collaboration has been confirmed. TWOTUCKGOM posted a teaser explaining the collaboration.

TWOTUCKGOM and MONSTA X’s special meeting!

Please look forward to <MONSTA X’s Dog Days> on TWOTUCKGOM’s YouTube, which will be revealed daily!

On the 26th at 5PM pre-booking for TWOTUCKGOM x MONSTA X collaboration fansign application and photocard, and special prize application will start!


TWOTUCKGOM also posted pictures of each member with their namesake bear character.

Monbebe can’t wait to see what TWOTUCKGOM x MONSTA X have in store during their new reality show, and hope to soon get their hands on their very own TWOTUCKGOM plushie soon.