MONSTA X’s PR Team Posted An “Unprofessional” Tweet Using Joohoney, And Fans Are Upset

It definitely wasn’t the usual MONSTA X tweet.

MONSTA X are known for having a special relationship with their fans, both on and offline. But, something their official Twitter account tweeted is making fans royally upset.

Their official Twitter sent out this tweet asking fans to make it reach 100,000 likes in order for Joohoney to release a dance video of their English track “Who Do U Love?”

In the past, MONSTA X’s official Twitter has not sent out tweets asking fans to do anything similar to what it was asking.

So, fans were quick to point out the request as out of character for the account and figured it had to be the work of the PR team.

They further explained that the post was “unprofessional” and it didn’t represent MONSTA X in a positive light, especially to new fans, because it made it seem like they were only focused on “fame.”

Because of the tweet, fans were even torn between liking the tweet to support Joohoney and not liking it to show their dislike for the PR team.

But, it seemed most fans were more concerned with Joohoney who would be forced to fulfill the task whether he wanted to or not. And, that made them even more upset.

So far Starship Entertainment hasn’t responded to the backlash, so it’s unclear if they will address it.