MONSTA X’s Reactions To Staring Into Each Others’ Eyes Will Melt Your Heart

They’re truly as close as family.

Glamour gave MONSTA X the task of staring into each others’ eyes for twenty seconds, and the way they reacted will open your heart to their softer sides.


Soon after they started, Joohoney and Shownu shared a sweet moment by poking each other to lighten the mood. And, it made even the staff happy to witness it.

Then, Hyungwon couldn’t hold back his compliment for I.M: “Handsome.” So, I.M shook his hand to thank him.

I.M was so touched by the moment that he turned toward the camera and said, “What did you guys expect? It’s sweet, yeah?”

Minhyuk actually enjoyed meeting Kihyun‘s eyes, saying, “Oh, this is nice.” In fact, it was similar to something they did the previous day. But, the best part of all was Minhyuk calling Kihyun’s smile “Beautiful.”

MONSTA X aren’t afraid to show their close bond with each other, and it’s sure to melt your heart. See them in action here.