MONSTA X’s Shownu Cursing When He’s Hungry Is Relatable AF

He wanted to say exactly how he felt.

MONSTA X had some fun with Glamour by trying their hand at acting out emotions. And, Shownu had too much fun acting out the emotion hunger.

After Joohoney held his stomach as if his soul was trying to leave his body and Kihyun as if he was in extreme pain, Shownu’s version took the cake for how uncensored it was.

Shownu offhandedly placed his hand on his stomach and said exactly what he wanted: “Oh sh*t.” And, it caused complete chaos with everyone from the staff to the members bursting into laughter over his honesty.

It caused such an uproar that he had to give an encore of the moment, repeating the gesture minus saying the s-bomb.

A hungry Shownu is one that should be taken care of immediately, and a lot of people can relate to that feeling. Watch Shownu make everyone laugh with his acting here.