MONSTA X’s Shownu Is The Ultimate “Bagel Boy”

It seems unreal that MONSTA X’s Shownu could have both sexy body and a cute face.

In Korea, “bagel” refers to someone who has a hot body.

But also has a baby face.

Since his predebut days, many have witnessed Shownu’s glorious god-like body.

Even as a backup dancer, he shined on stage with his unbelievable body.

And after debuting with Monsta X, his shoulders seemed to have gotten even wider!

Broad shoulders, collarbones, and washboard abs make a fit body!

While Shownu may be ripped, his strong aura disappears whenever he smiles.

Not only known for his great body, his eye smile is a signature trait of his!

Shownu also has a tendency of being cute without trying too hard.

His high cheekbones have made him look even more adorable!

Sometimes fans feel attacked by his charisma, other times they just want to squish his cheeks!

He really is K-Pop’s ultimate “bagel boy”.

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