MONSTA X’s Stylist Revealed That Wonho Actually Designs His Own Stage Outfits

Wonho knows exactly how he wants to look on stage.

MONSTA X‘s Wonho has been known since debut to wear boundary-pushing outfits on stage. In a recent interview with IDOL RADIO, the group’s stylist Jeong Yoongyung shared that Wonho actually comes to her with designs!

A snippet of her interview (in Korean) is below:

After netizens pointed out that MONSTA X’s stylist must be a perv for styling them the way the way they do, fans got a little more perspective on the amount of input the boys actually have in what they wear.

In her interview, stylist Jeong Yoongyung explained that not only does Wonho perfectly describe the designs he wants to wear, he will even draw them for her. So that means, Wonho may be the brain behind some of his most iconic, internet-breaking outfits.

In the full interview, available on V LIVE, Jeong Yoongyung discusses the many layers of being a stylist and how involved with she is in the entire process of preparing for a comeback. All we have to say to Wonho and stylist Jeong Yoongyung is this: keep up the great work.

Source: V LIVE