MONSTA X’s Wonho Confirms That Idols Know Exactly What Fans Are Doing Online

Idols might be watching closer than you think.

Fans on social media can get a little reckless when talking about their favorite idols, and during a V LIVE broadcast on June 7, MONSTA X‘s Wonho proved once again that you never know what your fave will actually see.

During his live, Jooheon sent Wonho a fan-made edit of him as Captain America – or, should we call him Captain Korea?

The creator of that edit freaked out & rightfully so! Just the thought of your faves seeing and acknowledging your work is enough to make anyone keyboard smash.

Fans are having a field day on Twitter because this is just further confirmation that idols stalk stan Twitter just as much as we do.

This is just the latest example of an idol referencing something popular among stans & thus exposing themselves.

These examples are cute & funny, but also scary because if they’ve seen these… what else have they seen? *shudders*