MONSTA X’s Wonho And NCT’s Haechan Can’t Stop Saying This English Phrase

It’s basically their favorite thing to say.

MONSTA X and NCT 127 have both went on, or are still on, world tours, so they’ve learned some useful English phrases to better communicate their thoughts. And, there’s one phrase that Wonho and Haechan like more than others.

During a recent interview, MONSTA X was asked what new English phrases they had learned. Wonho answered with, “Piece of cake.” He’d learned it from Kihyun who gave him a high-five. And, he wasn’t the only one.

When NCT 127 were chatting with each other, Mark and Johnny mentioned how well Haechan had been speaking English. So, Haechan commented by saying that English wasn’t hard for him: “So easy. Piece of cake.”

It seems like they both have something in common other than the fact they’re both idols: they enjoy a good metaphor.

Listen to Wonho say it here.