MONSTA X’s Wonho Has The Perfect Method To Keep Someone From Eating His Food

Shownu and I.M could sense that something was just a bit off.

MONSTA X‘s Kihyun, Wonho, I.M, and Shownu went to have a meal together. Since they all have huge appetites, food usually disappears as soon as it hits the table.


But, Wonho had a way to combat this. After one of the new dishes was placed on the table, he dug right into it. As he savored the taste, the perfect idea hit him.

It was so good that he wanted it all to himself, so he put his idea into action. He made a sour face and told the rest of them they shouldn’t eat it because it doesn’t taste good.

Shownu could see right through his trick and laughed at the attempt. He said, “Don’t try to fool me,” as I.M blankly watched them as he ate.

Wonho stuck to his role by making a sad face and sticking with his stance that it didn’t taste good. So, Shownu joined in and said that it wasn’t something Kihyun should eat then. Of course, Wonho agreed.

Just like Shownu, Kihyun didn’t fall for the trick and enjoyed the dish just as much as Wonho had. After all the food they’d already tried, they just knew Wonho wasn’t telling the truth.

The trick may not have worked for him, but it could easily work on someone who wasn’t expecting it. Learn Wonho’s trick to protect your food here.


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