MONSTA X’s Wonho Praises How Fit SEVENTEEN’s Woozi And Hoshi Are Now

Friends that work out together, stay together.

During a live broadcast, MONSTA X‘s Wonho and Minhyuk talked about their friends SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi and Hoshi.


Wonho started off by saying they have a group chat together, for people who exercise, and that Woozi and Hoshi were a part of it.

Since he’d brought it up, Wonho mentioned that he noticed Hoshi’s body has become more fit and suited him well.

As for Woozi, Wonho said his body was so strong that he could only describe it as a “Dragon Ball”, which made Minhyuk chuckle. But, it also made him remember an incident with Hoshi.

Since Hoshi comes over to their dorm often to exercise, Minhyuk had seen him and noticed his body had gotten better. And, he’d noticed because Hoshi had raised the sleeves of his shirt to show off his muscles.

With a group of same-minded friends to go to, it makes perfect sense how Woozi and Hoshi were able to become so fit. Listen to Wonho and Minhyuk discuss their fitness progress at 1:42:07