MONSTA X’s Wonho And Shownu Had Wildly Different Reactions When A Bug Landed On Their Table

They may both be buff, but one is clearly more terrified of bugs than the other.

MONSTA X is known in the K-Pop world for having two of the buffest male idols, Shownu and Wonho.

Both were founding members of the “Big Tiddie Gang” and are known for being sweet and kind-hearted despite their swole appearances.

There are, however, some glaring examples of how they are different from each other.

For instance, the two oldest MONSTA X members have the complete opposite reaction to bugs.

Fans found this out last year at a fan meeting in Singapore.

It was business as usual for MONSTA X until Wonho spotted on an insect on the table.

Wonho’s fear of bugs was clearly shown, as he was incredibly startled.

He immediately stopped what he was doing and started panicking.

Upon seeing this, MONSTA X’s responsible leader didn’t hesitate when he nonchalantly slapped the table until the bug was dead.

After killing the bug, Shownu quickly returned to writing messages, as if nothing had happened. He had no regrets about killing the insect.

Meanwhile, Wonho looked like he was traumatized by what Shownu had just done.

He looked scared out of his wits for a moment, before he gradually returned to signing autographs for the fans.

While Wonho was frightened of the bug when it landed on the table, Shownu annihilated the bug without mercy or fear!

Even though Wonho is one of the most muscular idols, his leader Shownu has always got his back when it comes to bugs.

The other members can always count on Shownu to protect them from harm’s way.