MONSTA X’s Wonho’s Duality Has Never Been More Apparent Than In These Photos

He’s so big yet so smol at the same time.

Recent photos of MONSTA X at the airport have started to create a buzz for how perfectly they portray both sides of Wonho.

At first glance you see Wonho, clad in an all-black, head-to-toe Balenciaga ensemble that basically screams “strong and manly”…

… but then on closer inspection, you can see the cherry on top: a pastel pink hoodie. (We all know how cold it gets on those planes).

One of Wonho’s many charms is how stern and strong he looks on the outside, but how soft he actually is on the inside (his animal counterpart is the rabbit for crying out loud!).  MONBEBE were quick to point out that this pink hoodie was the perfect representation of Wonho.

Wonho’s duality never ceases to amaze!