MONSTA X’s Wonho’s Gives MONBEBE Heart Palpitations In His Latest V LIVE Broadcast

Someone needs to check MONBEBEs’ pulses after this V LIVE.

Wonho from MONSTA X came on the group’s V LIVE channel with a simple mukbang of him eating a salad. However, many MONBEBEs probably didn’t even notice the salad because his skin-tight work out gear.

After a few bites he takes a deep breath and… same, Wonho. Same.

Wonho has always been very health conscious and concerned with his body, and tells MONBEBEs about how he feels better while and after eating salad. He even teases MONBEBEs with a bite of his salad and a chuckle.


His bulging muscles were definitely a hot topic in the comment section.

those muscles are bigger than my future XD

V LIVE user @neko_tri

Halfway through he put on his jacket…

… but that didn’t make him any less charming – it just made his more adorable appeal shine through.

Any MONBEBE that made it through the broadcast alive deserve a round-of-applause.



Source: V LIVE