MONSTA X’s Kihyun Knows He’s Amazing, He Doesn’t Need Affirmation

That’s right, he said what he said.

In a “Compliment Battle” held on Teen Vogue’s YouTube channel, MONSTA X‘s Shownu got a chance to read some positive comments from Twitter for Kihyun.


When Shownu read, “I really respect Kihyun”…


… Kihyun decided to be his cheeky self and nodded, commenting that he is aware of how awesome he is.

I know!

— Kihyun


Unbothered by Kihyun’s silly reaction, Shownu continued to read.

[Kihyun] could dance so powerfully while maintaining stable vocal.

— Shownu


Kihyun, of course, knew this too and kept nodding in complete agreement with the tweet. While Kihyun was being totally goofy, he actually couldn’t hide the fact that he’s happy to hear what fans thought of his hard work. Look at the big smile on Kihyun’s face!


Shownu concluded Kihyun is a “truly talented and passionate performer”, while Kihyun – and all of Monbebes watching – remained 200% satisfied by the truth in the comment being read for him.


Once Shownu was through reading the compliment, Kihyun was simply thrilled. Fellow teammate I.M suggested being humble – but Kihyun playfully turned down the idea and instead completely indulged himself in the compliment.

I.M: You should be humble.
Kihyun: Nope!
I.M: Okay…


Monbebes can’t help but laugh at Kihyun’s most adorable reaction to Shownu’s – and the internet’s – compliment. So how long has Kihyun known that he’s all that fabulous? Probably this whole time. Tell him something he doesn’t know:


Watch the full clip here: