The Time MONSTA X’s Shownu Fought Cheese and Lost

Shownu is not a “cheesy” type of guy.

Shownu is the best person to watch eat!

Shownu | STARSHIP Entertainment

One thing MONSTA X’s Shownu is known for is his interesting eating methods and making whatever he is eating look delicious! During his Ohm Nyum Nyum Nyum mukbang (eating show) show, Shownu heartily ate a variety of different foods including fried chicken. During this particular episode, the leader tried a variety of different chicken flavors with different sauces and condiments before deciding to try the canned cheese.

Shownu decided to try cheese with his chicken. | M2/Youtube


Shownu sizing up the competition. | M2/Youtube

From the start Shownu is a little confused on how to use the pressurized cheese can.

He makes several attempts at getting the cheese out with no success. As someone who has never seen this sort of cheese, his confusion is completely understandable!

Shownu gets adorably frustrated before reading the label on the cheese. He is absolutely determined to get taste this cheese!

He struggles for a bit longer before the staff finally take pity on him and tell him how to use the cheese, which he then accidentally sprays into his hand. Shownu could not beat the cheese!

Shownu admitting his defeat to the “difficult” cheese. | M2/Youtube

Shownu calling the cheese “difficult cheese” is a play on the brand’s name Easy Cheese, as it was not so easy for him to use! This hilariously cute moment (and clever wordplay) is just another reason why we love Shownu!

Watch the full video below: