MONSTA X’ Shownu Picks Two Of The Most Random Things As His Lucky Charms

He always carries them on tour.

At MONSTA X‘s “ELLE Ask Me Anything” interview, member Shownu revealed two items that he always carries on world tours as his “lucky charms”. And while the items he picked are quite the most random, fans can also kind of see that the “charms” are exactly what they would have expected Shownu to have picked!


The question asked, “What is your lucky charm that you must always have with you while going on world tours?” Shownu hesitated for a second…


… before answering his must-haves are his tweezers and nail clippers. He even brought them on to the set and proved it to the viewers that he does indeed keep them with him at all times!


Shownu explained, while he “isn’t the neat freak type”, he does like to pick at his body hair when he is “feeling bored or void” even.

I obsess over my own hair when I’m bored or I feel some kind of void. I pick at my beard… or my leg hair that catches my eyes when I’m crossing my legs. There are ones that are stubborn and ingrown, you know? I try to tweeze those suckers, like pluck pluck.

— Shownu


He added his finger nails tend to grow really fast, so he likes to have the nail clippers close by. Shownu has been carrying these self-care items for so long that he can’t imagine being without them!

Yeah, I’d feel nervous without them almost…

— Shownu


Monbebes are cracking up at Shownu’s selection of hygienic “lucky charms”, but it is thanks to these items that Shownu always looks so impeccably good!


Watch the full clip below:


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