MONSTA X’s Shownu In Lace Has Fans Screaming

The S in Shownu must stand for Sexy.

MONSTA X‘s Shownu has an amazing body that is sure to grab anyone’s attention. So when he’s dressed in revealing stage outfits, fans can’t help but fall in love with how well he can pull the styles off.

For a recent “Alligator” performance, and to a fan meeting event right after, Shownu rocked a lace top that is intriguingly sexy.

Fans couldn’t keep their eyes off Shownu’s monstrously wide shoulders and back.

Since this super sexy performance, fans have blessed themselves by digging up Shownu’s past stage outfits that involved a lot of sheerness.

They have come to realize Shownu looks amazing in all colors and styles of sheer lace…

… and can’t wait to see what kind of outfit he’ll slay next!

Check out a close-up on Shownu’s performance in his sexy all black lace top: