“Si-Maek-Han” Is How MONSTA X’s Shownu And Wonho Wind Down After A Long Day

Find out what that means.

In their ELLE “Ask Me Anything” interview, MONSTA X‘s Shownu and Wonho shared their tip on how to make the most of their rest and relaxation time at home, after a long day of practicing or shooting shows.


Shownu drew the question and handed it over to Wonho to read it out loud for both of them to answer. The question asked, “After a long, exhausting day outside, (blank) can make me happy.”


Shownu, without a second of hesitation, answered “A can of beer!”

I honestly can’t think of anything else other than beer…

— Shownu


That’s when Wonho pointed out the new slang for people who love beer. He called it “Si-Maek-Han”, which stood for “Siwon-han (cold) / Maekju (beer) / Han-jan (a can)”. Shownu picked it up immediately and said coming home to a “si-maek-han” makes him a content man.


Wonho had some other interests, like going running or on a bike ride…

Well, I also don’t mind going for a bike ride or going on a run… It makes me feel accomplished and refreshed.

— Wonho


… but admitted that those festivities would also have to be wrapped up with this “Si-Maek-Han”!

Yeah, and then you come home and drink that ‘si-maek-han’!

— Shownu


So it seems the next in line of the popular Korean beer-related slangs like “Chi-Maek” (chicken and beer) and “Pi-Maek” (pizza and beer) is “Si-Maek-Han” – a cold can of beer!


Watch the full clip here: