MONSTA X’s Wonho Looked Extra Sexy At The Airport, Making Fans Super Thirsty

He looked like a game character!

For MONSTA X‘s Wonho, August 20, 2019 was another day getting ready to take off from the Korean Gimpo Airport – but for Monbebes, it was simply legendary.


Wonho was spotted in an all-black outfit, accentuated by a chest rig, and fans are now screaming at how he looked like a super sexy special force agent on a mission!


Wonho’s incredible physique, often praised by fellow male K-Pop idols, really caught the fans’ eyes – especially in the tight black shirt that he sported.


The chest rig only added to the steam, making Wonho look like a character from a game or a movie, in which he’s a special force agent reporting for duty!


In fact, Wonho – even when mixed in with his teammates – looked like he was the designated protector of the crowd and could very much handle whatever threat that might be thrown his way.


And Monbebes are left completely speechless by how capably sexy Wonho looked…


… plus, by how he managed to turn the airport into his own personal runway and stage!


Want to see him in action? Watch this clip:

Source: THEQOO