Moon Ga Young Gets Teary Eyed While Reading Handwritten Letters From Hwang In Yeop And ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

She was really touched!

Even after the widely popular drama, True Beauty has ended, fans are still crazy about the loving friendships between the cast members! Recently, True Beauty’s main female star, Moon Ga Young, showcased just how precious the friendship between her and fellow castmates Hwang In Yeop and ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo is.

Before reading the two letters, Moon Ga Young discussed a moment that happened during a behind-the-scenes video. In the video, Moon Ga Young was shown handing Hwang In Yeop a handwritten letter!

The letter was meant to be given secretly, however, Moon Ga Young was caught by the cameras. In her live broadcast, Moon Ga Young addressed the moment when she was asked, “What did you write in your letter to Hwang (Hwang In Yeop)?

I actually wanted to give the letter secretly to Hwang In Yeop oppa and the actors like Sua and Soojin, but KEYdong’s hidden camera caught me and I felt very shy and embarrassed. We worked so hard that’s why I sincerely wrote a short letter.

— Moon Ga Young

Toward the end, it was revealed to Moon Ga Young and the viewers for the first time that Hwang In Yeop and Eunwoo also wrote a touching letter to her! The letters from her castmates were a shock to Moon Ga Young as it was a surprise from the staff members.

Moon Ga Young viewed the letters and adorably teared up from them. She commented that she had never cried in front of the public outside of her dramas. It was a truly sweet moment!

Ah, I’ve never cried in public before. The actors wrote the rolling paper on the spot? I didn’t know.

— Moon Ga Young

First off, Moon Ga Young read Eunwoo’s kind letter. She didn’t reveal it all to the viewers, but the parts she shared are sure to touch your heart!

It was hard right? Great job! I was able to do well because of you. Thank you. I was very worried before this. I was very worried and pondered over it. Let me know if there is anyone bothering you.

— Eunwoo

Though she shed a lot of tears reading Eunwoo’s letter, Moon Ga Young fought through her tears and revealed Hwang In Yeop’s lovely letter to the viewers.

Thanks to you, we were able to recieve a lot of love. I believe Seojun is loved by everyone and really did a great job because of you. Call me if you are ever having a hard time or have any concerns or troubles. Once again, you’ve worked really hard so please always be happy.

— Hwang In Yeop

Moon Ga Young concluded the live by reading her other castmates’ beautiful letters!

The cast appears to be close and hopefully their friendships will continue!

Source: Naver TV