Moon Ga Young Shares The Reason Why She Doesn’t Use Wireless Earbuds

It’s a pretty relatable reason!

The charming actress Moon Ga Young recently participated in an interview with Vogue Korea where she revealed what items she’s always carrying around in her bag!

One item Moon Ga Young showed off was her earbuds! While earbuds are a very common item people carry around, Moon Ga Younge adorably stated she was a bit embarrassed by them. Moon Ga Young claimed, “This is an embarrassing one (item)” and shared the story as to why.

Moon Ga Young shared she was a little embarrassed by her earbuds because of other the two buds were different colors: “See here, they have different colors.”

Moon Ga Young explained she once lost her earbud piece and had to order another earbud piece to replace it. While it seems like an easy fix, Moon Ga Young stated that the only color available was neon yellow.

You put it around your ears like this. Then it’s super solid, so if you run for work out it doesn’t fall off and one day I lost it. So I tried to buy it, but it was discontinued so I ordered it from abroad and the only available color was in neon yellow.

— Moon Ga Young

Despite it being embarrassing to her, Moon Ga Young admitted she still uses the earbuds because of how much she likes them!

I just use it since I like, but it’s a bit embarrassing.

— Moon Ga Young

Most days, people often use wireless earbuds; however, Moon Ga Young revealed she prefers to use wired ones. The reason behind why Moon Ga Young Chooses wired over wireless earbuds is pretty adorable!

According to Moon Ga Young, if she uses wireless earbuds, people often think she’s talking to herself.

With wireless earphones I look like I’m talking to myself. When I’m calling someone too.

— Moon Ga Young

Moon Ga Young’s next reason for not using wireless earbuds is one almost everyone can relate to! Ultimately, Moon Ga Young would rather use wired earbuds than wireless ones.

I’m too lazy to charge it. I just prefer the analogue ways.

— Moon Ga Young