Moon Hee Jun Didn’t Actually Propose To Soyul Until The Night Before Their Wedding

But he succeeded in making Soyul burst into tears of happiness.

Moon Hee Jun revealed on an episode of True Dad Confession that he didn’t propose to his wife, Soyul, until the night before his wedding date!

True Dad Confession is a program that follows the lives of male celebrities who are also fathers.


Moon Hee Jun explained that he couldn’t find the right time to prepare a romantic proposal because the couple was always together preparing for their wedding.

“We had so many things to prepare for the wedding so we were always together.” ㅡ Moon Hee Joon

In Korea, it is not uncommon for people to propose after confirming marriage as well as wedding dates.


In the end, Moon Hee Jun did prepare a small event for his loving wife the night before their wedding. At Han River Park, Moon Hee Jun showed his wife a video compilation of their photos that he made himself and proposed on the spot.

Source: Dispatch

Moon Hee Jun invited Soyul to some chicken at the Han River and asked her for her hand in marriage there.


Even though it was only a day before their actual wedding, Soyul was apparently touched and cried after receiving his proposal.

She felt more touched because she had thought she wouldn’t be getting a proposal after all.


The couple got happily married on February 12, 2017.


Source: Sports Chosun