Moon Hee Jun Reveals The Secret Behind His Weight Loss Success

He wants to maintain his weight loss and take better care of his health.

Last month, Moon Hee Jun revealed on the KBS 2TV program Immortal Masterpiece that he lost 14kg (about 30lbs) before the H.O.T reunion concert.

Now, diet specialty company JUVIS has revealed a photo showing him with a total weight loss of 17kg (roughly 38lbs)! Moon Hee Jun is known for trying numerous weight loss methods but has experienced over 38 rebounds. Yo-yo dieting, as it’s called, is known to be harmful to your health and doesn’t work in the long term.

When he realized his health was deteriorating due to repeat dieting, he decided to enlist the help of a specialist. With the help of the expert, he reduced his weight from 85kg (about 187lbs) to 68kg (roughly 149lbs), restoring his visuals to the glory of his idol era!

Moon Hee Jun said, “When I diet, I exercised excessively or cut out carbs. But this time, I ate three meals a day without having to exercise as hard as before. When I lost 17kg, my dizziness disappeared and my health improved significantly. I plan to manage my weight loss and never rebound again.”

Source: wowkorea