This Is The Most Expensive Choreography SM Entertainment Has Ever Paid For

SM Entertainment is known for producing some of the most intricate and intense choreography in the entire Korean music industry.

They hire some of the best choreographers in the business like Tony Testa to create iconic dances.

With the amazing quality of the dances that they’ve created, it’s no surprise that SM Entertainment pays quite a high price to creators with such amazing skills.

While senior SM Entertainment artists such as BoA, TVXQ, and Super Junior have had their share of iconic dances…

It was SHINee‘s “Sherlock” that featured the most expensive choreography the agency has ever paid for.

Although the exact cost has not been revealed, many media sources were quoted confirming the fact that Sherlock had the most costly choreography in the history of SM Entertainment.

But with how much the group has been praised for the dance and how beloved it’s become by fans, many argue that the choreography was worth every penny.

Take a look at SM Entertainment’s most expensive choreography ever below:

Source: Instiz