Most fans don’t know BLACKPINK Jisoo has this unique talent

When BLACKPINK went on Weekly Idol, Jisoo revealed a hidden talent of hers that not many people knew about!

In November, BLACKPINK had their first variety show appearance on Weekly Idol. Since they are a rookie group, the MCs of the show prepared a profile of each member so fans could get to know them better. First up was BLACKPINK’s eldest member, Jisoo. Most fans knew about the idol’s guitar playing skills, but most didn’t know that she learned how to play this special instrument in the past! According to her profile, she has been good at playing the Korean traditional drum since middle school. Her fellow members chimed in by saying how Jisoo has been bragging about this talent of hers since trainee days, but no one at YG Entertainment has seen her play it before. It might have been quite a while since she last played, as Jisoo couldn’t recognize the technique terms that Doni mentioned. With a cute determined shout, Jisoo began to beat the drum in a cautious manner.

Her members, who had high expectations, burst into a fit of giggles and mute laughter. The MCs were suspicious as her technique seemed to be on the basic level, but they gave her another shot at it. Although her first attempt was rusty, Jisoo began to get a feel of it and began beating the drum rhythmically with confidence and power.

This time, the BLACKPINK members seemed impressed and even began to dance to Jisoo’s cool beats.

Since Weekly Idol is a variety show, the MCs pretended not to be impressed and jokingly teased Jisoo for not being as skillful as she claimed she was.

Her drumming skills were recently mentioned again, in Rosé‘s “BLACKPINK SELF-INTRODUCTION” questionnaire. In one section of the questionnaire, she was asked to fill in the blank for “Jisoo is the best in BLACKPINK at _____.”


For her answer, Rosé put down “Jisoo is the best in BLACKPINK at playing drums.”  

Hopefully one day, Jisoo can show us an amazing drumming performance with all the members doing a choreography that matches to the beats of the drum!

Check out Jisoo’s drumming skills on Weekly Idol below!