This Mother Prepared Cartoon Lunchboxes For Her Daughter After She Learned She Was Being Bullied

The power of a mother’s love.

A mother from Hong Kong started making cartoon-themed lunchboxes for her daughter after she saw her kid playing alone on the playground while the other kids ignored her.

When she saw her daughter isolated from the other kids, she finally understood why her child would come home depressed after school. She spent many nights wondering how she can improve her daughter’s school life, and finally thought about making dosirak, or cute lunchboxes.

She thought if she decorated the food with characters that kids love, won’t her daughter gain more friends?

She would wake up at dawn to make the lunchboxes, all for her daughter. It was a successful idea; the kids who saw the lunchboxes would approach her daughter and ask to be friends.

When the daughter came back from school, she told her mom that kids wanted to eat with him with a huge smile on her face. Seeing the smile on her kids face made her more motivated to make these lunchboxes.

The mother’s name is Candance Ku, and she has posted over 900 photos of her lunchboxes to her SNS.

When netizens heard the story, they couldn’t help but admire the mother. The story warmed their heart.

  • “Wow, seriously. I feel like unless someone truly loves someone, they won’t do this… To wake up early every day and cut the food into the shape of eyes, nose, and lips, and to stick them is such hard work.”
  • “I’m crying…”
  • “A mom’s loveㅠㅠ”

Some netizens even expressed envy and wished for a mother like that.

  • “So jealous… When I was young, we used to move every year and I got bullied during my 3rd year of middle school to the point I didn’t want to go to school. My dad kept on slapping me and told me that the reason I got bullied is because of how I looked and the way I was. Even now that I’m 26, I can’t forget these words.”

Many also spoke about how kids shouldn’t bully, as it doesn’t just affect the one being bullied, but the people who love them. Bullying is wrong and should never be condoned. It’s better to live life with a kind heart.

  • “Kids, please don’t bully others ㅠㅠ. Our son used to have a lot of friends when he was in 2nd grade, but he became a victim of bullying because of one bad kid. The other kids even started hitting him. It was hard for the whole family. The parents of the kids said they were just joking, and I really had to hold myself back from confronting them. My son doesn’t get bullied anymore and he’s doing fine with new friends. But the shock was big, the whole family has a trauma. Please, if you don’t like someone, just don’t talk to them. Don’t bully others.”
Source: Nate Pan